HALA! places PhD research at the core of its activities as a vital component in the achievement of its goals. Every two years HALA! shall ask participants to propose PhD projects on any topic in the area of ‘Automation in Air Traffic Management’ that will be funded by the Research Network. The next call for PhD will be posted on the website.

Guidelines for the selection of the PhD student and information on how the successful PhD research proposals will be managed are available in the PhD Management Plan. The main research topics for HALA! are described in the White paperdocument of the Research Network.


Award Criteria

Proposals are selected based on:

  1. Overall scientific merit of the proposal, including level of risk and potential impact.
  2. Alignment of the proposal to the aims and objectives of HALA!
  3. Availability of the relevant facilities at the University.
  4. The profile and track record of the Supervisor(s), including any co-supervisors from non-University members.
  5. Exploitation of the relevant varied expertise within HALA!, both in academia and industry.
  6. The requirements for mobility, if any, for the chosen PhD candidate.
  7. Co-funding
  8. Co-supervision arrangements, including with non-University members and participants.


Selection Committee

The HALA! PhD Selection Committee is comprised of nine members:

  • 6 Professors, one each from the University members of the HALA! network;
  • 1 representative from EUROCONTROL WP-E programme Management team;
  • 1 representative from the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) and
  • 1 representative from the SJU Scientific Committee



The contribution from HALA! to a PhD scholarship is limited to 35.000€ per year and for a maximum of 2 years of the PhD programme.


First Call for PhDs

First call for PhD’s proposals: Opened from September 17th thru October 15th 2010.

Finalist announcement: November 6th 2010.

Starting date for the successful proposal: February 1st 2011.


Second Call for PhDs

Finalist announcement: November 11th 2011.

Starting date for the successful proposal: April 2012.


Third Call for PhDs

Third call for PhD’s proposals: Opened from April 10th to May 9th th 2014.

Finalist announcement: May 29th 2014.

Starting date for the successful proposal: September 2014.



Phd Opportunities

If you are interested in joining HALA! Research Network as a PhD student send an email to