The HALA! SESAR Research Network cordially invites you to the fifth HALA! Summer School on the theme “FUTURE AIR TRAFFIC SYSTEMS BASED ON 4D TRAJECTORY MANAGEMENT” at La Granja de San Ildefonso in Madrid (Spain) between the 13th and 16th July 2015.

The summer course aims, by combining theory sessions with practical ones, to understand what it is 4D trajectory planning and to analyse the reasons behind the paradigm shift on air traffic management: from a traditional management based on the division of airspace towards an airspace management based on trajectories. Moreover, the course wishes to determine the costs and benefits of 4D trajectory, to identify the challenges of 4D trajectory management, to define variables and agents involved in planning of trajectories and finally to frame the 4D trajectory management within the SESAR concept . The course will combine theoretical sessions with practical sessions of group work and simulation exercises.

The course will start by recalling the essential aspects of trajectory management, followed by an overview of the flying task and different players involved in executing a flight (pilot, ATC, network manager, AOC, etc) as well as other aspects that affects flight trajectory as meteo. Subsequently, the concept of trajectory will be discussed and its different levels and dimensions will be presented as a way to pave the road for the introduction of 4D trajectory. Additionally, 4D trajectory within the SESAR concept will be displayed and its elements as well as its impact in airspace design analysed.

Furthermore the repercussions and requirement on users (pilot, airline, ATC, airport, industry) will be studied. To end the course, a long term vision together with a 4D trajectory research roadmap to make it happen will be examined.

During the course, students will develop group practical exercises that will lead to the design of a flight plan and the generation and execution of a business trajectory. These exercises will be combined with brainstorming activities and group discussions on needs and benefits of 4D trajectories or identification of main research challenges, among other. Games will be played where the students will take different roles in trajectory planning.

The course will count as speakers with experts in this field from different international organizations such as EUROCONTROL, SESAR JU, companies as BR & TE , DLR , or University as the UPM.

The course will be given in English and is open to the participation of European PhDs and researches. The summer school is to serve as a platform for transmitting and updating the knowledge of both PhD candidates and researchers on the progress of Automation in ATM in Europe and the world.

The cost of the 4 days course, including hotel and lunch, will be of around 460 euros.

The number of participants is limited so if you are interested in joining the HALA! Summer school, please fill the attached application form and send it to hala@hala-sesar.net before the June 5th. Results will be announced the following week.

Please find attached to this mail a DRAFT version of the program. The final program with the speakers will be uploaded in the following days (http://www.hala-sesar.net/)