HALA! Announcement of the Final results of the Second Call for PhDs


The second call for PhDs of the HALA! SESAR Research Network was opened between the 15th of June 2011 to the 5th of September 2011. This second call for PhDs was open to any university, research centre or company that wanted to contribute to the objectives of HALA!. In all, 29 proposals were submitted and 28 met the submission requirements.

The announcement of the results of the Second Call for PhD proposals was planned to be on the   7th of October 2011 but postponed as the PhD selection committee requested more time to assess the proposals. We can assure you that the transparency and fairness of the selection process has remained a high priority for the committee.

The HALA! management team is pleased to announce the selected PhD proposals:

1.     Context‐Aware Adaptive Automation for Air Traffic Control. Delft University of Technology,

2.     Information Automation on the Flight Deck in the Context of Trajectory based Operations. Technische Universität Darmstadt

3.     Managing information needs in the design of highly automated systems and human‐computer interfaces. University of Roma 3.

4.     Development of an autonomous knowledge-based system state evaluation for an enhanced decision making process, Technische Universität Braunschweig.

5.     Robust data fusion for 4D conflict-free optimal trajectories in a highly automated ATM system. Technical University of Catalonia.

6.     Making decisions on human automation allocations resilient by using a virtual safety advisor for ATM. University Kassel.

7.     AUTOFLY‐Aid : Flight Deck Automation Support with Dynamic 4D Trajectory Management for Responsive and Adaptive Airborne Collision Avoidance Adaptive Airborne Collision Avoidance. Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Best regards,

HALA! Management team