Dear HALA! participants,

We are glad to inform you the last version of the HALA! Position Paper v.2.04 is available here.

The main objectives of the HALA! Position Paper are to foster research in automation in ATM, offer better framework conditions for research, go beyond traditional approaches on automation in ATM and cover ATM automation activities not currently addressed by the other work packages of the SESAR programme.


However this document is incomplete ... we need all your expertise to improve it and make it an extremely useful document to guide the research in Automation in ATM within the HALA! Research Network.

We kindly ask you to use the forums we have created in the HALA! website (go to Forums>General) to give us your feedback or you can also send us an email to hala@hala-sesar.net.

We have created a discussion forum for each of the main sections of the document:

* Control System Techniques

* Seamless UAS Test Bed for Innovation

* Decision Support System

* Human Factors

* Trajectory Management

* Best Decision Player

* Best Decision Place

* Best Decision Time

* White Paper  (-> general comments)

In 6 months a new Position Paper will be produced and distributed and we hope to have a much better document to guide our network.