Seamless UAS Test Bed for Innovation

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Seamless UAS Test Bed for Innovation

All participants are being invited to partake in the HALA research network forums on specifics issues in the white paper. The HALA white Paper is in its final stage of completion and the contributions of participants will be the final input to the document to make it official guide for the research network activities. This and other forums have been started on different issues concerning the white paper on the HALA website for this purpose.

When considering the paradigm shifts envisaged for future ATM systems, UASs can play a key role to explore, not only the “best placed” in all relevant air traffic situations in terms of air or ground side, but as well the best in terms of minimum required time horizon to take the action, type of airspace of applicability, main characteristics for required technical enablers, both on board and ground based, and the degree of potential aircraft autonomy.
Extensive experimentation using test bed based on UASs is proposed to provide:
• arguments to establish candidates for the best placed, strengths and weaknesses of the different alternatives as well as desirable roles for different actors
• required degree of autonomy and centric managed operations, required enablers and demanded technical resources;
• feasibility and limits in the ATM automation process, guided by a concept of human centred automation;
• valuable information to identify feasible choices for automation level, complexity, and economical and legal implications.

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Reference: HALA White Paper (section 6.4)