Control System Techniques

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Control System Techniques

All participants are being invited to partake in the HALA research network forums on specifics issues in the white paper. The HALA white Paper is in its final stage of completion and the contributions of participants will be the final input to the document to make it official guide for the research network activities. This and other forums have been started on different issues concerning the white paper on the HALA website for this purpose.

Focussing on the specific of the ATM control systems and considering the state of the art presented in the previous lines the main research areas identified by HALA in domain of control systems techniques are:

•The adequateness and correctness of the human role in the control system, in particular the ability to ensure human trust and dependence on automation, and the ability to maintain situational awareness. With automation humans are never completely removed but assigned to supervision and monitoring functions, especially to deal with possible unforeseen operational conditions and malfunctions. In such a role humans, even if removed from the direct control loop, shall maintain situational awareness and understanding of the automated system decisions.

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Reference: HALA White Paper (section 6.5)