Best Decision Time

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Best Decision Time

All participants are being invited to partake in the HALA research network forums on specifics issues in the white paper and other general issues. The HALA white Paper is in its final stage of completion and the contributions of all participants will lead to the official document that will guide the research network in all its activities. This and other forums have been started on the website for this purpose. Forward this link to other interested parties.

Please contribute to the forum below in answering the question of "Best decision time" that support the the paradigm change in ATM

Considering that the overall system performance is taken as the main driver to decide whether the decision or event should be initiated, the following questions still need to be answered:

1.Will the overall system maintain the required stability under the decided “best time”? This is important, because in an evolving ATM system during the various stages of the planning, buffers and feedback loops are necessary to react on unexpected changes.

2.What is the impact of uncertainties in a system when most decisions are taken a long time in advance? E.g. how can this system react on a late passenger? Would it become mandatory to act like those airlines which “won’t wait, if you’re late”?

3.How can an adaptive system be designed where the degree of strategic decisions can be chosen, e.g. depending on uncertainty and/or others factors?

4.Do the greater number of functions allocated at strategic planning layers imply more complex and rigid operational scenarios?

5.Can ATM system deliver required safety and efficient when most of decisions are allocated at tactical level?

Reference: HALA White Paper (section 4.1.1)