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Best Decision Player

All participants are being invited to partake in the HALA research network forums on specifics issues in the white paper. The HALA white Paper is in its final stage of completion and the contributions of participants will be the final input to the document to make it official guide for the research network activities. This and other forums have been started on different issues concerning the white paper on the HALA website for this purpose.

Who is best placed to take a decision. Please make your input in the following forum to answer the question that arise from choosing the best player in the ATM paradigm shift.

Considering that the overall system performance is taken as the main driver to decide where the decision or event should be initiated, the following questions still need to be answered:
• Should trajectory management (e.g. Trajectory deconfliction, even tactical decisions) be fully automated?
• To what extent do strategic decisions require human intervention?
• How can uncertainty be managed in automated systems?
• Are the current frameworks for automation, cognition and human factors enough to capture ATM singularities?
• Is a fully automated air transport system socially/psychologically acceptable?
• Can the ATM system be decomplexified through automation?
• How to deal with transition issues when implementing higher levels of automation?
• How can resilience be taken into account in automated systems design?
• Does uncertainty require human centred decision making?

Reference: HALA White Paper (section 4.1.3)