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Best Decision Place

All participants are being invited to partake in the HALA research network forums on specifics issues in the white paper. The HALA white Paper is in its final stage of completion and the contributions of participants will be the final input to the document to make it official guide for the research network activities. This and other forums have been started on different issues concerning the white paper on the HALA website for this purpose.

Please contribute in answering the questions below that arise from considering the "Best decision place"- one of the dimensions for the paradigm shift

Considering that the overall system performance is taken as the main driver to decide where the decision or event should be initiated, the following questions still need to be answered.
• What is the level of correlation between complexity and centric processes?
• What is the level of correlation between autonomy and centric process?
• Up to what extend are segregated airspaces structures the solution to the questions of where and when implementing autonomy?
• Do tactical decisions imply autonomous and fully automated processes?
• Is high traffic density/complexity a key factor limiting autonomy?
• In which scenario (centric or autonomous) will automation provide higher overall system performance?
• Does strategic decision making imply centric scenarios?

Reference: HALA White Paper (section 4.1.2)