The EADS Innovation Works are the corporate research facilities of EADS, with sites in Germany, France, Spain, Singapore and Russia. They provide world-class capabilities in aeronautics, defence and space research topics consistent with the EADS research & technology strategy. Covering the skills and technology fields that are of critical importance to EADS, the EADS Innovation Works are organized in five trans-national Technical Capability Centres: Composites Technologies – Metallic Technologies & Surface Engineering - Structures Engineering, Production & Mechatronics - Sensors, Electronics and Systems Integration - Simulation, Information Technologies & Systems Engineering.

The EADS Innovation Works are an operational and strategic entity for the creation of added value by technology innovation. They foster technological excellence and business orientation through the sharing of competences and means between the various partners of the EADS Group and they develop and maintain partnerships with world-famous schools, universities and research institutes.

The German part of the EADS Innovation Works in Ottobrunn near Munich and Hamburg employs a permanent staff of 220 people, 70 % of which are senior scientists. It is legally an organisational unit within EADS Deutschland GmbH, the German subsidiary of EADS N.V.

Previous Involvement in R&T Projects

EADS contributes to a variety of EC-funded projects in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th framework programme of the European Commission. At present, EADS IW participates as core team member in the FP7 VISION project, as well as in several additional FP6 and FP7 projects, e.g. CAESAR, DEVINE, TATEM or NACRE. EADS IW also participates in several national projects focused on aeronautical aspects.

Contact Person: Olaf Heinzinger, olaf.heinzinger@eads.net