The Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BR&TE) was established in 2002 in Madrid, with the mission of working with partners across Europe in research and technology development to foster innovation, excellence and competitiveness within the European R&D community. Since then, BR&TE has established agreements; collaborations and partnerships with leading European Stakeholders which will contribute to enhance overall performance, improve quality and reduce costs, as well as promoting a collaborative environment within the European R&D community, including European Institutions, Universities, Research Centres, Air Navigation Service Providers, etc. In addition to its in-house expertise, BR&TE has access to the wealth of knowledge and resources in the above areas within The Boeing Company as a whole, as well as to Boeing’s broad and deep knowledge and experience in aircraft operations.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) has been one of the main research areas at BR&TE, in where it has nearly 20 engineers and scientists working on ATM-related projects with partners from across Europe and beyond. BR&TE has become an active member of the European ATM technology world, participating in several FP6 and FP7 projects (RESET, INOUI, CAATS II,  CONET, SUPRA, etc) and acting as an external consultant for EUROCONTROL (ASIS, REACT, COURAGE projects) and different European aviation companies and organizations, such as AENA or INDRA. The BR&TE ATM-related research activities are focused on: advanced trajectory prediction, modelling and synchronization;  System-Wide Information Management (SWIM), specifically SWIM-enabled trajectory management and SWIM interoperability; trajectory deconfliction and optimization; aircraft performance modelling; and development of high fidelity simulation capabilities.

Contact persons: Roberto Molina, ; Javier Lopez Leone,; Miguel Vilaplana,