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AUTOFLY-Aid will study “dynamic 4D trajectory management” to be implemented above the basic/passive TCAS solution using the on-board avionics and the SESAR enhanced flight deck situational awareness, coming from CNS (primarily ADS-B and its enhancements) and SWIM network. The “dynamic 4D trajectory management” is to be based on a hybrid and stochastic airspace model not only representing uncertainties associated with sensed and received airspace traffic and intent information, but also representing limitations associated with weather, terrain/obstacle and new conflict hazards. As an end result, the overall automation support system which embeds “dynamic 4D trajectory management” is envisioned to a) provide the pilots with alternative trajectories as tunnels-in-the-sky through avionics displays on the console and head-up displays in real-time, b) provide the flight crew with quantified and visual understanding of collision risks in terms of time and directions and countermeasures, and c) provide autonomous conflict resolution as an autopilot mode. Thus, ensuring highly responsive and adaptive airborne collision avoidance in face of ever challenging scenarios that involve blunders, weather/ terrain/ obstacle/ new conflict hazards. These algorithms and tools developed are currently being integrated on an Automation Support System for implementation on a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator with synthetic vision and reality augmentation.