Dear All, 
Deep Blue (who are the convenors of the workshop with the ATACCS 2015 conference) together with IRIT are pleased to invite you to attend the workshop “Resilience in ATM automation: a chimera or a reality?”. It focusses on the issues of resilience applicability and practicality. The goal of the workshop is to bring together different European and WP-E projects...

HALA¡’s workshop’s at ATACCS 2015 in Toulouse (October 2nd)

The HALA! SESAR Research Network cordially invites you to the workshop it will conduct during the ATACCS conference to be held in Toulouse (France) between Sept 30th-Oct 2nd.

The purpose and aim of this workshop is to present HALA¡’s vision of the role of automation in future air traffic management (ATM) system, including as well an analysis and state of the art on ATM and automation.